Runfun GmbH specializes in the development and distribution of intelligent motivational and fitness equipment.



RUFUS is an electrically driven and controlled vehicle for professional outdoor running training and works similar to a treadmill with pulse control. RUFUS drives in front of the runner as a pacemaker and sets the optimal speed, which is based on the runner's pulse. This not only makes running training more effective and healthier, the running coach robot also increases the fun of running. 


Erwin Prassler had the idea more than ten years ago. As an experienced runner himself, he was often running much too fast and with too high a heart rate, so after years of unhealthy training, he took the initiative himself and developed the first prototype with colleagues. Five further generations of prototypes were necessary until RUFUS finally reached production stage.


The running trainer is distributed by runfun GmbH, which was founded in 2014. The company's goal is to market products in the field of intelligent systems and mobility. 

If you are interested you will find an overview of our projects here.

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