Logi-MAT 2020: Cancelled

March 10th – 12th in Stuttgart, Germany, stand ES16 at Entry Hall East

Logi-MAT 2020 – Update: Cancelled


March 05th 2020

Based on a platform concept for mobile robots, ROPOD and LS1 Robotics turn the classic design concept for common mobile logistics robots and also the current price structure upside down.


The core of this platform concept is a new, compact, modular, easily configurable drive unit, the so-called PowerWheel 150, consisting of two differentially driven, gearless hub motors. It has a load capacity of 150 kg, a drive torque of 4 Nm, a maximum speed of 20 km/h.


UPDATE: LogiMAT - 18th International Trade Fair for Intralogistics Solutions and Process Management was cancelled due to an official order because of the novel coronavirus.

Runners try ROBLIN


October 21th 2019

The first test phase has now been completed. Many thanks again to all who took their time for us and partly covered long distances to us. These test runs in Augsburg, Landsberg, Munich, Nuremberg, Sankt Augustin and Berlin have brought us very valuable insights. Some of them we can implement quickly (within a few months), others will take a little longer.

Locomotec@Fast Track 2018


October 24th 2018

The FASTTRACK funding program was launched by the companies Hirschvogel, Hoerbiger and Max Aicher to support industrial B2B high-tech start-ups such as Locomotec GmbH.


In addition to Locomotec, over 80 other company founders applied for the second FASTTRACK Batch. 

On Pitch Day, 20 of them presented their projects to the forum consisting of the employees and experts of the three founders. Dr. Erwin Prassler explained to the Forum his innovation, an automatically guided vehicle consisting of a compact drive unit mounted on a differentially driven double wheel. Prassler's idea convinced the jury and qualified for the next step. 


After several months of cooperation between the start-ups and the program founders, the results of the pilot projects will be presented on May 21, 2019, the so-called Demo Day. This will be followed by an exchange between the partners and the start-ups on further procedures such as joint product development or capital investment.

Personal running coach 4.0 placed for outstanding product innovation


July 14th 2014

At the Service Robotics awards ceremony at AUTOMATICA 2014, the Augsburg-based company runfun GmbH made it onto the winners' podium with its personal running trainer RUFUS. On 04.06.2014 the winners of the ESA BIC START-UP Award - an award for groundbreaking product innovations in service robotics - were chosen. Runfun was delighted with the third place. This first international competition in the field of service robotics was awarded by Anwendungszentrum GmbH Oberpfaffenhofen for outstanding product innovations.

With the outdoor training device RUFUS, runfun GmbH wants to make it possible for everyone, at any time and any place, to enjoy personal running training. The focus is on goal-oriented training that promotes health in the long term and prevents injuries. The personal running trainer RUFUS not only supports advanced runners in achieving their goals, but can also serve as a (re)entry aid. RUFUS can help people to overcome inhibitions, especially in the field of rehabilitation. Older people in particular find it difficult to run long distances on their own for fear of being overtaxed or losing their bearings. With this in mind, runfun is already working on equipping the running trainer with a GPS system and allowing it to navigate independently.

RUFUS is an electrically powered vehicle that drives autonomously in front of the runner and directly sets the optimal running speed. The running coach measures the runner's heart rate and drives in front of the athlete at such a speed that the athlete remains within a healthy heart rate range. This prevents overexertion and supports goal-oriented, effective training. RUFUS can be controlled both manually and via training programs. The speed is controlled either by the pulse or by training programs specially tailored to the individual athlete. These programs are specified by physiotherapists and sports physicians and are downloaded via a portal to the running trainer's control computer, just like an app.


The Personal Coach RUFUS is developed to enable a growing community of runners to train individually, independent of time and place. Personal training prevents the risk of injury and helps to achieve training success.

Locomotec is now a limited liability company


August 14th 2013

We are happy to announce, that Locomotec is from now on a limited liability company (Locomotec GmbH).

Locomotec presented RUFUS @ the Augsburger Firmenlauf


04. Juni 2013

The Augsburger Firmenlauf on 14. may, 2013 attracted thousands of runners and curious people. At the Locomotec booth interested people filled in a survey on design and functionalities for the RUFUS product. They also had the chance to “test-drive” a prototype of the personal running coach. The result: A lot of fun!

Revised youBot Store will be launched on July 15th.


May 15th 2013

The research robot KUKA youBot can soon be admired on the new youBot Store website.


From 15.07.13 onwards, the KUKA youBot can now be seen in a whole new light. We have given the youBot Store a facelift and are pleased to announce that the time has come: The new youBot Store will go online soon! We are looking forward to your numerous visits!

Cooperation between Sports University Cologne and Locomotec sealed


December 18th  2012 

Locomotec CEO Dr. Erwin Prassler signed the cooperations contract with the Sporthochschule Cologne on Tuesday. The University will support and advise the product development from a sports medical perspective. In cooperation with Locomotec they will develop concepts for performance diagnostics with RUFUS. The focus will be on goal-oriented training, promoting health in a sustainable way and avoiding injuries.

Big Roll-Out Party for the KUKA youBot


September 09th 2012

It is now high time to celebrate: Welcome KUKA youBot robot for research and education! Join us for our KUKA youBot rollout party during IROS 2012 in Vilamoura. The party will take place on Oct. 9 at 19:30 in the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Vilamoura in room Sotavento.

For the past four months the KUKA youBot has been smoothly rolling off the assembly line after some inicial difficulties. The backlog of orders has almost been worked off and the lead time could be reduced to less than two months.
After some painful birth problems – sharing the fate of the A380, Dreamliner, and Galileo – the KUKA youBot is smoothly rolling off the assembly line. As small as it is the KUKA youBot has the potential to become a major milestone in robotics. It is the first affordable mobile manipulation system that is suitable for tackling challenges in mobility, manipulation and grasping with industrial scalability in mind. Its interfaces are open down to the controller level. Its nine axes can be uniformly accessed via real-time EtherCAT and offer position, velocity and current control.
The amount of available open source software is growing every day. Also quite a bit of effort is currently being invested in creating more and more open source educational material. Altogether the KUKA youBot has everything to become a reference platform for any research and education activity in mobile manipulation.
It is now high time to celebrate the promising future of this nice little robot, and to discuss over a glass of red wine and some tapas what we can do together to promote the field of mobile manipulation at large.
Please, join us for our KUKA youBot rollout party during IROS 2012 in Vilamoura. The party will take place on Oct. 9 at 19:30 in the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Vilamoura in room Sotavento.

The New Era: Servicerobotics – youBot @ AUTOMATICA 2012


May 22th 2012

Brace yourself: a fleet of youBots are conquering Munich on their triumphal march through Germany’s robotics research.
AUTOMATICA 2012 took place on May 22-25, 2012 in Munich. AUTOMATICA, the largest industrial robotics fair worldwide and takes place every two years in Munich, Germany. While in the first ten years of its existence AUTOMATICA almost exclusively focused on industrial robotics, the „new“ field of service robotics together with two of its key technologies – mobile robotics and mobile manipulation – has been gaining more and more attention and visibility in the past two events. The 2012 edition included a special exhibition on service robotics, with a whole fleet of KUKA youBots as major attraction. One exhibit showed a multi-robot cooperation scenario involving a KUKA youBot and its big brother, a KUKA omniRob, a full-fledged industrial mobile manipulator. The little youBot had to pick up objects from the floor and bring them to its big brother.
Two more applications where shown by the EU-funded project BRICS featuring the latest research results in compliant motion control and haptic interactions between humans and youBots. One of these applications developed by Prof. Herman Bruyninckx’ team at Univ. of Leuven in Belgium is the “haptic coupling of two youBots” which is already available on the youBot Store.

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