Mobility has long been one of the most valued immaterial commodities of mankind. The possibility to move freely and without help is being associated with terms like liberty, self-determination, physical integrity and prosperity. It is not without reason that mobility with the help of automobiles has created one of the biggest branches of industry in modern times.

Yet another form of mobility is the movement of one’s own body; it has developed into a growing industry in past years. More than 7 million Germans visit a fitness studio regularly. More than 5 million Germans consider themselves as regular runners, a further 15 million as irregulars. The number of the regular runners in the USA is estimated to be at more than 50 million.

What is presently still individual health consciousness, will soon become an inevitable social necessity. While the percentage of more than 60-year-old people in Germany is still at approximately 26%, will by 2060 have grown to over 39%. This will have a dramatic effect on our society similar to climate change and financial crisis. This development will impact all areas of our society, the labor market, health care and the social security schemes. A collapse of these systems can only be prevented by keeping ourselves and the aging population physically fit and mobile.

There is also potential in this social challenge. We are assuming that the market for products promoting personal mobility will grow into a significant industry over the next 20 years, comparable to the automobile or telecommunication industry.

Having this social mega trend in mind, our company specializes in the development of technologies to promote human mobility. The focus of our product development is on creating exercising machines and applications, called personal training assistants, which do not only maintain, but also improve personal mobility and fitness for young and old people.

We are preparing to keep an aging society in motion!