Don’t let yourself go. Let yourself run! – Locomotec @ FIBO 2014

Visit us in Cologne!

Personal coaching 4.0

We, the startup company Locomotec located in Augsburg, will present our brand-new, intelligent running coach RUFUS at FIBO 2014 in Cologne. The outdoor training device will be available for test runs in hall 6 at the “Pavillon Junge Innovative Unternehmen” at booth D65. RUFUS is an electrically driven and automatically controlled vehicle that drives ahead of the runner like a pacemaker. Depending on the athlete’s heartrate it controls the athlete’s velocity such that an optimal training effect is achieved. The device is operated via a tablet PC that is attached to the handle bar. To prevent RUFUS from driving away on its own, it is connected to the user by a safety rope. RUFUS can be operated manually or through specific and individually designed training programs. The programs are developed by physiotherapists and can be downloaded from a portal and installed on the tablet PC like a smartphone app.

We would be happy to see you there!

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