Not Just the Future of Service Robotics Anymore: Intelligent Training Assistant

Under the headline “Running training 4.0 – RUFUS your intelligent training assistant for physiotherapists” our spinoff “runfun GmbH” presents their intelligent running coach RUFUS at Medica 2015. The fair is taking place from 16. – 19. November, 2015 in Dusseldorf.
RUFUS is an electrically driven, automatically guided vehicle, which supports runners in conducting a professionally planned running workout outdoors. RUFUS works similarly to a premium treadmill with heart rate control. However, it is not stationary at a fixed place but rather moves ahead of the runner like a pace setter in a marathon. A heart rate monitor continuously measures the runner’s heart rate and transmits the readings to RUFUS’ onboard computer, which compares the measured value with a set point. Depending on the difference between actually measured heart rate and set point RUFUS will accelerate or decelerate so that the runners always run at an optimal speed and heart rate. The set point is typically defined in advance in a training plan developed by physiotherapists or professional coaches.
RUFUS shall not replace Physiotherapists but help them with their work. They still plan and create training plans for their clients but let RUFUS do the physical work, executing the plans with the runners.
runfun is lending RUFUS to people interested in testing the device for up to 14 days. If you would like to test RUFUS please contact or visit us at Medica.

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