As a first product in a family of intelligent fitness and mobility assistants we develop our intelligent running coach RUFUS. Additionally, we are active in another very specific area, the area of mobility. Our company is involved in the development of mobile manipulators. Our focus lies on transporting and manipulating objects with mobile robot arms, so-called mobile manipulators.

Fitness and mobility coaches



These machines take over the role of the personal coach and fitness trainer. Driven by an intelligent control system they are capable of supporting and training a person’s own mobility based on recent insights from training and exercise theory.

In contrast to the coaching by a human trainer which may require significant time for arranging a training session, coaching by such intelligent devices is possible at any time without preparation.



Locomotec is currently developing a personal running coach, RUFUS.

RUFUS fulfills similar functions as a heart-rate controlled fitness treadmill but can also be used outdoors. Regular and focused running exercise on a fitness treadmill leads to a substantial improvement of physical fitness and a higher degree of physical capacity and endurance of the circulatory system.

In contrast to a fitness treadmill, RUFUS is not tied to any location e.g. in a fitness room. RUFUS is a vehicle, powered by controllable electric motors and is used as a pace maker. Out in the open it drives ahead of its user and makes the pace for him. The velocity is controlled so that your heart rate stays within an optimal range. RUFUS can be uploaded with the training plan as designed by a physical therapist or a sports medic.

The market introduction for RUFUS is scheduled for autumn 2014.

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Mobile Manipulators


Mobile manipulators are capable of transporting and handling goods autonomously.
They consist of a mobile robot platform on which one or more robot arms can be mounted.

The KUKA youBot a mobile manipulator which was developed especially for research and
education. The device consists of a omnidirectional platform with four Omni-wheels. Therefore the youBot is capable of moving in any direction and can turn around its own axis.

The omnidirectional platform has a net-weight of 24 kg and has a payload of 20 kg. Furthermore the KUKA youBot has a 5-axis robot arm with a two finger gripper. The design is similar to a classic robot arm in industry. The arm weighs 8 kg and is capable of lifting half a kilogram.

The KUKA youBot is one of a kind and has the potential to become a milestone, not only in the field of mobile manipulation, but also in robotics in general.

Locomotec and KUKA Laboratories GmbH are partners in developing software for the KUKA youBot. We are also exclusive distribution partners of KUKA Laboratories GmbH.

The KUKA youBot is distributed through youBot Store GmbH, the company founded for that purpose.